Feb 8-10

 Howdy, folks, Here is the summary of what's coming up this week... Work that has already been assigned and is coming due: Social studies reflection questions about privilege are due tomorrow (Monday) and are available on Google Classroom (assigned last Tuesday) Art shape sheets (2 of circles, squares, or triangles) are also due tomorrow (assigned last Tuesday) French idea sort into broader categories, plus listing "what the haters gonna say" is due tomorrow. This started on Wednesday when I asked the kids to pick a topic that was going to incite a reaction (my sample topic was "Soccer is LAME!" You should have heard the reaction!) and then list 15 reasons why they are right. Thursday I asked them to put their ideas into like-topic groupings, and declare the "bigger" idea that those ideas belong to. Also, what would someone who disagrees with them say?  Science has a project due on February 19th about the 3 laws of motion. There is information about th

Regularly Scheduled Programme

For those of you who are curious what we do all week...  Mondays: gym at 10:30 small group learning/support with Mme Kaké and also with Mme Theresa weekly French verbs and vocab are given (quiz Friday) weekly "belle phrase" subject and verb are given (due Friday) French reading comprehension assigned (due Friday) ** Note, from now until winter break we will be reading La guerre des tuques instead of having reading comprehensions we do the heavy lifting of our math learning (quiz on Wednesday) Tuesdays: gym at 12:45 small group learning/support with Mme Mélanie and also with Mme Theresa the balance of our math learning for the quiz Wednesday art Wednesdays: aboriginal Education at 9:45 music at 10:30 small group learning/support with Mme Theresa (twice) math quiz Thursdays: EASE with Sandy small group learning/support with Mme Kaké and also with Mme Roxanne dictée des nombres spelling test music at 13:35 Fridays: gym every other Friday(ish) at 8:45 library at 10:05 French qui

Basic Multiplication

 This week we will start reviewing our basic multiplication. If your child does not yet know their "times tables", don't fret, they are NOT alone. Partially because it is not a requirement in the curriculum. Weird, right? Ok, that's a PART truth. The facts are in the curriculum, but here is a direct quote: Students should be able to recall many multiplication facts by the end of Grade 5 (e.g., 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 10s). If you're looking for some super cheesy songs to help your child to remember their facts, I found this site:  Be warned, though, it is riddled with ads.  Alright... onward and upward! Have a great week.

Hey There, It's Been Awhile...

 So, next week is early dismissal for our "Formative Assessment Conferences" ('member back in the day when they were called Parent-Teacher Interviews? Good times.) If you haven't yet signed up for a meeting (phone or video) please do so ASAP. They're only 10 minutes long, so I'm hoping to send a bit of info pre-conference. I'll let you know. The following week is our safety week, and we will be showing off our Hallowe'en costumes... somehow... on Friday the 30th. Should be interesting. Finally, there are still a number of families who have not yet paid their supplies fees (online) or signed their students' Online Permission forms, etc. Please do so at your earliest convenience.  Until next time, which I hope doesn't take as long as this time, and which will hopefully have more to read. I'm a funny, funny lady.

Sick Kids

 So, I had a couple of really great questions come up today regarding sick kids. Here's what I can share for now... When should we keep our kids home? Well, here is the information from the SD68 stage-2 start-up plan , specifically page 9: And the note from the Medical Health Officer for the Central Region of Vancouver Island Health Authority with the new health check for kids that was sent to parents this week: Where can I get the work for my sick kid? Umm. Well. I'm hoping to get them connected to Google Classroom sometime in the next week or so, plus my website for certain things, and here on the blog for others. Really, a sick kid probably mostly just needs sleep and a book to read. Try to keep some books on hand in both English and French (Scholastic is a good source...) for those unexpected days home when they're almost well enough to go to school. I know that's not really very concrete for an answer, but it's what I've got at the moment. **Side note, all

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